(Bang)Good-bye summer

This summer was truly amazing. Well, not the entire summer, but I usually put the bad days behind me and focus on the good ones. At least I try to... So, this year I visited Adriatic sea three times and I could go again because I am absolutely in love with it. The first time I visited a few towns at the sea and it was a one day trip. The second time I went to Zadar, and you could notice that if you follow me on Instagram. I spent six days there in a small town near Zadar with my friends and we met almost everyone there. People are very nice and friendly. The last time was also a one day trip and we visited Split. My sister returned from Hvar so we went to Split to pick her up. In this post you will see a few photos of me there wearing a beautiful summer kimono from Banggood (HERE).
I ordered this piece almost two months ago. Shipping to my house lasted really long, longer than it usually does. Because of that, my kimono arrived when I came back from Zadar and I was kind of dissapointed since I wanted pictures of it somewhere near the sea. So yesterday when we went to Split, I took my kimono with me and decided to take some pictures in it and finally present it to you on my blog.
You can find it here: https://goo.gl/ce4ZRM

Ovo ljeto je bilo zaista divno. Dobro, ne cijelo ljeto, ali ja većinom stavljam loše dane iza sebe i fokusiram se na one dobre. Barem pokušam... Ove godine sam posjetila Jadransko more tri puta i mogla bih ići opet jer sam apsolutno zaljubljena u more i sve uspomene koje donosi. Prvi put sam posjetila nekoliko malih mjesta na obali i išla sam na jedan dan. Drugi put sam išla u Zadar i to ste mogli primijetiti ako me pratite na Instagramu. U malom mjestu pored Zadra sam provela šest dana s prijateljicama i upoznale smo skoro sve mještane. Ljudi su jako prijatni i ljubazni. Treći put sam išla do Splita s roditeljima, također na jedan dan. Moja sestra se vratila s Hvara pa smo išli po nju. U ovom postu ćete vidjeti nekoliko fotografija mene sa lijepim i lepršavim kimonom sa stranice Banggood (OVDJE). 
Naručila sam ga prije skoro dva mjeseca. Dostava na moju adresu je trajala baš dugo, duže nego što inače traje kada naručujem s interneta. Zbog toga, moj kimono je stigao kada sam se vratila iz Zadra i bila sam malo razočarana jer sam ga htjela slikati negdje u blizini mora. Tako sam jučer, kad smo išli u Split, ponijela svoj kimono sa sobom i odlučila napraviti nekoliko fotografija te vam ga konačno predstaviti na blogu.
Možete ga naći ovdje: https://goo.gl/ce4ZRM

XOXO, Mirela

Apparel Candy

Summer is almost over but my love for sunglasses and pretty accessories is not. Even though I have plenty of sunnies laying around the house and waiting for me to wear them, I still think I need new ones to rock my fall outfits with. Because of that, I was recently browsing through online stores in order to find a new (to me still undiscovered) store that has nice accessories. After searching for a while, I finally found one that seemed interesting. It is called Apparel Candy (https://www.apparelcandy.com/) and has a lot of nice things. The big plus for this store is that it has plenty of items that are affordable / cheap and also cute and simple. I found many sunglasses and thought they are very cool. That is why I wanted to share them here, with you. I'll leave you the link below this text if you want to check them out. They are cheap and cute, perfect for any season. There are also many different styles, shapes and colors of sunglasses you can choose from (especially cat shaped and round ones).
CHECK OUT SUNGLASSES BY CLICKING HERE: https://www.apparelcandy.com/Vintage-Sunglasses-s/81.htm
Here are some of my favorites. It was hard to choose, but I decided to show you only two pairs of my favorites. They are cat shaped and the color is the right one for fall. I think they could work with many fall outfits and I like it that they also look very nice and modern.

If you're not a fan of sunglasses (i can't believe that though) I found a few nice hats, bags, necklaces, shoes and a lot of things on sale.  If you like to experiment with new fragrances and like to buy them online, feel free to check fragrances that Apparel Candy offers. I usually don't buy fragrances online, but if you do check them out by clicking here: https://www.apparelcandy.com/perfumes-colognes-scents-s/76.htm

I didn't order anything from Apparel Candy yet, but if you did, leave me your thoughts in comments.
Thank you for reading,

XOXO, Mirela

Why I love AVON facial cleansing oil and how it works on my skin

Croatian version below
When I first heard about facial cleansing oils and their role in skincare, I didn't pay too much attention to them. I was perfectly happy with my skincare routine I had back then - my Alverde cleanser (that I still use to this day, and will probably review on blog soon) worked pretty well for my combination/oily skin. It removed all the dirt and makeup from my face leaving it smooth and clean. It was enough for me. At least that's what I thought. I didn't know what I do now. That means I was young and pretty uneducated so I didn't know that the right oils in my skincare routine can only make my skin better. I just had to choose the ones that will work best with my skintype. When I finally discovered how different oils work with different skintypes, I started to get interested more and more in facial cleansing oils. During that time of discovering oils in skincare, I only used ones for hydrating and feeding my skin. Since I have trusted Avon and always loved their products, I used their Nutraeffects Miracle Glow Lightweight facial oil. I was very satisfied with it - it made my skin smooth and mosturized, especially during summertime, when the sea and sun would make it dry.
Last month I received a bag of goodies from Avon, a company I'm collaborating for awhile now and am pretty satisfied with. Between all the products I got, the new Nutraeffects facial cleansing oil really caught my attention. I saw the PR pictures of it and heard a lot of people had all the best to say about it. Like I already said, I used their facial oil and really liked it, so I was excited to try this product, too. To me, using this oil was a completely new way of cleaning my skin. Of course, I followed direcitons on the label and started the process. One sentence that intrigued me the most goes something like this: In order to transform oil to milky cleanser, put warm water onto your face and massage it with your fingertips. I was curious about that and wanted to know how it is going to work for my skin. I started applying oil with my fingertips and massaging it in my face. I did that for about two minutes in detail and I even applied oil on my eyes to remove eye makeup (even though it says to avoid eye area). I noticed that my makeup was melting and connecting with the oil on the surface of my skin. After I was done massaging the oil on my face, I used a little bit of warm water and applied it on my face full of oil using my fingertips. Once oil and water mixed on my face, the cleanser turned milky white and I could see drops of makeup mixed with cleanser falling onto my bathroom sink. Then, I washed my face thoroughly with warm water. I used a clean towel to pat my face dry. I wanted to check if this cleansing oil really cleaned my skin and removed all the dirt and makeup, so I used Avene micellar solution and it showed me there is no dirt residue. Then I washed my face with water again because I don't like to leave micellar water on my face.
After using this oil several times now, I can definitely say that it doeas a great job. After using this oil my face is smooth and soft. If I use this oil as the last product for cleaning my face at night, I usually don't use anything else after it. (I use my Alverde cleanser before oil cleanser and that is it). I feel like this oil gives just enough moisture to my face before bed.
When I want to use face masks or any other skin treatments, I start removing my makeup by using oil first and then use my Alverde cleanser. The reason I do this is because I want my face to be completely free from any oils before I apply masks. I recently bought a few products by The Ordinary so I want to use them following directions - and that means I clean my face differently when needed.
BTW. The thing I really love about this oil is that it removes my Golden Rose dark liquid lipstick off my lips with no problems at all. It usually takes me about two days to get the stains off the lips! :D
Ingridients for this product are shown on the picture below.

That is it, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment below for any questions or suggestions!
XOXO, Mirela
Kada sam prvi put čula za ulja za čišćenje lica i njihovu ulogu u njezi, nisam posebno obraćala pažnju na njih. Bila sam savršeno zadovoljna njegom koju sam do tad vodila - moja Alverde umivalica (koju još uvijek koristim i danas i koju ću vjerovatno recenzirati na blogu uskoro) mi je bila sasvim dovoljna za moju kombiniranu/masnu kožu. Uklanjala je sve nečistoće i šminku s moga lica i ostavljala kožu mekom i čistom. To je za mene sasvim dovoljno. Barem sam tada tako mislila. Nisam znala ono što znam danas. Znači, bila sam mlada i prilično neobrazovana u tome polju i nisam znala ta pravilno odabrana ulja u njezi kože nju mogu učiniti samo boljom. Samo sam trebala odabrati ona koja će najbolje odgovarati mom tipu kože. Kada sam konačno otkrila kako različita ulja utječu na različite tipove kože, sve sam se više počela zanimati za njih, uključujući i ulja za čišćenje lica. Tijekom tog vremena otkrivanja ulja za njegu, koristila sam samo ulja za hidrataciju i hranjenje kože. Budući da sam vjerovala Avonu i voljela njihove proizvode (još uvijek vjerujem i volim!), koristila sam njihovo Nutra effects Miracle Glow Lightweight facial oil. Bila sam jako zadovoljna njime - lijepo je njegovalo, hranilo je isušene dijelove lica i ono što je najbitnije, nije bilo premasno za moje ionako već masno lice. Bilo je savršen dodatak mojoj njezi kože lica, pogotovo ljeti, kad bi ga sunce i more isušili.
Prošli mjesec dobila sam vrećicu stvari od Avona, kompanije s kojom surađujem već neko vrijeme i stvarno sam zadovoljna njom. Između ostalih proizvoda koje sam dobila (a koje ću vjerovatno ubaciti u darivanje psst), posebno me zainteresiralo Nutra effects ulje za čišćenje lica (mogli ste i pretpostaviti). Već sam bila vidjela sve PR fotografije, čula dosta ljudi kako ga hvale. Kao što sam već spomenula, koristila sam Nutra effects ulje i bila jako zadovoljna pa sam naravno bila jako uzbuđena da isprobam i ovaj proizvod.
Za mene, korištenje ovog ulja je bio potpuno novi način čišćenja kože. Naravno, pratila sam upute za korištenje na etiketi i započela proces. Jedna rečenica koja me bas zainteresirala ide otprilike ovako: Kako bi transformirali ulje u mlijeko za čišćenje lica, preći preko lica toplom vodom. Na kraju isprati toplom vodom... Bila sam baš znatiželjna da vidim kako će se to odviti na mom licu. Počela sam nanositi ulje na i masirati lice prstima. Radila sam to detaljno oko dvije minute i čak sam nanijela i na oči da uklonim šminku s očiju (iako u uputama stoji da treba izbjegavati područje oko očiju i oči). Primjetila sam da se šminka topi, odvaja s lica i spaja s uljem. Nakon što sam dovoljno umasirala ulje i bila zadovoljna šarenim istopljenim licem, dodala sam toplu vodu i lagano masirala lice još malo. Kada se ulje stopilo s vodom, nastala je bjelkasta tekućina baš kao mlijeko i mogla sam vidjeti kapljice šminke pomješane s uljem kad su kapnule na umivaonik. Onda sam, naravno, oprala lice (opet detaljno) toplom vodom. Koristila sam čisti ručnik da osušim lice. Nakon toga, htjela sam naravno da provjerim da li je nakon čišćenja uljem ostalo ikakvih nečistoća na mom licu. Za tu provjeru koristila sam Avene micelarnu vodu koja mi nije pokazala nikakve ostatke prljavštine. Bila sam baš sretna, što da kažem. :D Osim da sam i micelarnu isprala vodom jer ne volim da je ostavljam na licu.
Nakon što sam koristila ovo ulje već nekoliko puta do sada, mogu sa sigurnošću reći da radi dobar posao. Nakon korištenja ovog ulja, moje lice je glatko i mekano. Ako koristim ulje kao zadnji korak u čišćenju lica navečer, većinom onda ne koristim ništa poslije njega. (Koristim Alverde umivalicu prije ulja i to je to). Mislim da mi ovo ulje daje dovoljnu hidrataciju licu prije spavanja.
Kada želim koristiti maske za lice ili bilo koji drugi tretman za lice, za skidanje šminke i čišćenje prvo koristim ulje, a zatim Alverde umivalicu ili neku drugu. Razlog zbog kojeg ovo radim jest taj što želim da mi je lice u potpunosti čisto od bilo kakvih masnoća prije nego nanesem masku. Također, nedavno sam kupila neke The Ordinary proizvode i želim ih koristiti po uputama na pakiranju - to znači da mijenjam način čišćenja lica s vremena na vrijeme.
BTW. Jako mi se dopalo to što mi skine s usana Golden Rose tamni tečni karmin. Inače mi po dva dana ne spadaju mrlje s usana. :D
Sastojci ovog ulja su na slici ispod.

To bi bilo sve, nadam se da vam se post svidio. Ako imate nekih pitanja ili sugestija, slobodno ostavite komentar ispod!
XOXO, Mirela

#BackToSchool I want free clothes for two! Zaful 16 days free shipping from now | Promotion

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Hot summer days

Opet vam donosim "fashion post", ovaj put se radi o Rosegal i Zaful stvarima. Točnije palazzo hlačama (u koje sam se zaljuuubila), fedora šeširu te kombinezonu. Palazzo hlače su ovog ljeta jako popularne, a sada mogu potvrditi - i jako udobne. Odabrala sam bijele sa crnim linijama i dobila sam ih baš onakve kakve sam i zamišljala i kakvim su ih predstavili na stranici. Trenutno su snižene 50%. Šešir je obični crni fedora šešir kojeg sam željela imati već neko vrijeme. Kombinezon je jako sladak, bež sa cvjetnim detaljima. Izrez je malo dublji nego sam očekivala, skoro do pupka. To sam sredila metalnom zakačkom (bašlijom) i super stoji dok se nosi, nije se nijednom otkačila od kombinezona, a ne vidi se. Na slikama je izrez također zakačen do pola. 
Imam za vas kupone za popust ako budete kupovali u nekim od navedenih online trgovina:
Rosegal: Rosegalxie
Zaful: Zafulxie10 
Gamiss: GamissXie10
ROSEGAL HLAČE - https://goo.gl/oZNAFV
ZAFUL ŠEŠIR - https://goo.gl/p7uhQN
ZAFUL KOMBINEZON - https://goo.gl/2ar9dq